Below is the progress on my piece by James Kern. We still have a long way to go but hey, breast cancer put a hold on things for awhile. I had hoped to get it finished someday but somehow the thrill of tattooing is gone....

The latest addition to my body is the begining of a large back piece. Idea/design by Alice, and drawn and executed by James Kern. The goal is a dragonfly with it's wing cells falling off and down into a koi at the base of my back. This was done in a 6 hour session at the Texas Tattoo Roundup, 11/5/2000.

James Kern hard at work!

I was honored to be visited by Aardvark at the convention and thank goodness for him. He really helped distract me from the pain!

This (above) is a fairly recent additon I recieved at my first tattoo convention in Dallas,TX 1999. Ink by James Kern.

This is on my right inner arm, ink by Jamie Schene, still in progress.

Koi and lotus by Jamie Schene.


This tattoo is a tribute to my totem, the dragonfly. Designed by me on the computer. Ink pushed by Mr.Max, formally of RT66 Tattoo.

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