I once was DFairy,leader of a tribe of Spirit Fairies.Come check us out!

But I have long since retired.....


Whadda Ya Mean The Site Fights ?

Well no one is actually fighting.
We point to various web sites.
You visit them and pick the winner.
Easy for you. Difficult for them.
Unlike the various awards
popping up all over the net,
To even get a shot at the title "The Site Fights Spirit " has to guide
a Site Fighter through the Contender/Pretender Series, the Second Round
Rumbles, and the WebMaster Warzone.
Then and only then will they have a shot at the title in
the Dman Dome and earn a place in

The Site Fights History Book.

The True Meaning Of The Site Fights Spirit

To define The Site Fights Spirit in this short paragraph would be
like saying the ocean is a lot of water.
It cannot be truly defined but the meaning is very clear.
The Site Fights Spirit is a Mythical Entity.
No one can prove its existence....but
no one can deny its presence either.
The Spirit does not affect everyone in the same manner,
but does affect everyone.
The Site Fights is the showcase of the
"Positive Competitiveness"
the Spirit brings.
Therefore the "Negativity of Flaming" is not accepted
behavior. This better Honors the WebMasters that work
very hard at making "the Web a better Place to be."


Simple. Just Vote. Your vote is your vote.

The Fine Print

We will only except 4 votes per email account.
Not the address that is entered on the ballot, but the address that actually
sends the ballot.
However you are encouraged to comeback and cast your vote everyday.
Every day starts a new tally sheet and/or a new round .

The Voting Booth's are open
from 10 am est - 8 am est.
This enables all time zones a fair chance
to Cast Their Vote.
Results are posted as soon as all the votes are tabulated
Usually around 11 am.
The Site Fights begin Monday noon est. and end
the following Monday 8am est.

The Scoring System:

Visit the sites and pick the one you like the best.
We urge you to take into account content, text, graphics,
how the site performs with your browser,
and "The True Meaning of The Site Fights Spirit"

The Main Event goes for 7 rounds... One round...One day.
All the daily votes are tallied and the most votes
for that day wins that round.
Most Rounds win.
In the event that One site completely dominates
the other (75% or better)
in a round,
then a Knock Down will be awarded for that round....
The 3 Knock Down rule is in effect.
And the fight will be called by way of KnockOut.

In the Second Round Rumbles and Right Fight,
Point totals are awarded each round on
a scale of 1 to 10.
Based on votes received for that site.
Highest point totals for that week will go to the Next Level.
Of the remaining sites, they may be able to continue
on the same level next week based on their point total
and the creativity or entertainment value of their
"Vote for Us Presentation",
which is judged by Dmanand the Spirit Judges .

If a site earns the title The Site Fights Champion,
it may have an opportunity to compete with other top champions
in "The Site Fights Fighter of the Year" Competition which will be held at a
later specified date. To earn an invitation to the SFFOY a site has
to defend the title 2 consecutive weeks, at which time
the championship will be vacanted by the
Fighter of the Year contender as it awaits the SFFOY.


And to you Webmasters out there

This title isn't given by a committee or
even The Site Fights.
It's earned and decided by
the opinions that matter most...
The everyday web surfers.....
So if you want to find out how your site really rates,
and you are willing to let the People Decide
Put it to The Site Fights challenge....
This is where David can beat Goliath,
If the "Spirit" is with him.

Submit your Site. Join in on the Fun, The Site Fights!!!!