On a personal note.....the real Dragonfly Dream (photo not recent-this was about 5 years ago, but heck, I kinda look pretty much the same!)

Awhile back recieved a great letter of introduction from a new mail art correspondant and he inspired me to do something similar. So here goes, mail art is my life. I send something out almost everyday. I make and issue artistamps for the land of Zygopterra. I've become interested in Local Posts and issue my own, Dragonfly Dream Local Posts. I usually do a few mail art calls a year and often display the contributions online at my web site. I have flown airplanes, driven motorcycles, steered boats, and now just drive a Jeep. I love vintage aircraft and the great nose art of the days gone by. I collect dragonflies, fairies, and old teapots. I have been an archaeologist, a black and white photo developer, a first mate on a charter fishing boat, a gallery and shop owner , rubber stamp shop employee, founder and president of The Santa Fe Pond Society & Koi Appreciation Club, and now I'm just an artist. I do monotypes, collage art, digital art, artistamps, and rubber stamp art. I am addicted to the internet and you will often see me on the mail art bulletin boards. I used to live on the island of Martha's Vineyard for over 10 years, I used to dream and make believe I was a mermaid, I miss the ocean. I love tattoos and now currently have six pieces that adorn my chest and upper arms. I'll probably end up with several more as one can never have enough tattoos or mail art friends! I used to be a motorcycle mama. Used to be a punk rocker/hippy gal. I am dedicated to the Earth and follow the path of the Wiccan. And we are NOT talking witches like Samantha of Bewitched or the Charmed gals on tv! I also enjoy using the Runes for divination. I created the Realm Of The Fairies for the Site Fights. and I was the original DFairy . I have lectured on mail art, displayed mail art. So, long live mail art and the art of correspondance.

Still nosey? Wanna see more? See my make shift bioliography.

I also collect stamps, rocks, paper, all kinds of stuff. I love anything Star Trek, Babylon5, Deep Space 9.... I also am into the nose art from WW2.

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