Dragonfly Dream and buZ blurr back in 2001

Mail art sites

Have a mail art call you would like to post? Mail Art Calls

A. 1. Mail Art Archive

Arky Of Toast Over there in Washington state,

he also has an amazing listing of Global Mail Art Calls

Anna Banana Up there in Canada

Arte Gone Postal in Florida

AU MA & Gom@ in Spain

Angela and Peter Netmail Somewhere over in Europe

Bald Is Beautiful.....

Guy Bleus in Belgium.

Anna Boschi Mail Art Meetings

John Chiaromonte Free International University-Batesville

David Charmot in France

Carla Cryptic, Euphemisms for Marriage Show in California

Flea in Illinois,USA

Flat Chested Mama

Jenny de Groot in Holland

Electronic Museum of Mail Art in New Hampshire.

EverArts in Holland

Luc Fierens & Annina Van Sebroeck

FlickR there are lots of mail artists here posting photos

John Held, Jr. Mailartist guru

International Mail Artists Group

Dennis Jordan a wonderful monotpye artist & mail artist!

Kiyotei's Den in California

Lime Green News in Missouri

Mick Boyle Mail Art Postcard Exhibition


MailArtist's List in cyberspace

Dragonfly Dream's Mailart Alphabet in cyberspace

Mailart at the Fluxzonein in cyberspace

Chris Horstmann's Mailart Forum in cyberspace

NotTwo in The United Kingdom

Theo Nelson Canada

Oneworld mail art bulletin board in cyberspace

Clemente Padin's Art and People in Uruguay

Pierpaolo Limongelli an "add to and pass along" project from Italy

Ruud Janssen's mail art discussion board in Holland

Reine SHAD in France

Sztuka Fabryka Gallery in Belgium

Shouting At The Postman in New Hampshire

The Sticker Dude/Ragged Edge in New York City

Mark Bloch's One World Postal Art Show in New York City

World Peace, my contribution to the above show

Pas de chance in Canada

Francis Van Maele in Luxemburg

Edgardo Antonio Vigo

Wanted:Mail Art

Zetetics in Dallas, Texas

"would you tell me, please, which way i ought to go from here?"

"that depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the cheshire cat.

" i dont much care where-" said alice.

"then it doesnt matter which way you go," said the cat.

Lewis Carroll

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