It's been a seriously long time since I've updated my site. So long in fact that the tool I used to make my site no longer is made or supported! Meanwhile I know folks have been wondering just what's up with me, so here goes....

Life was alittle hard for awhile there, getting through the cancer treatments and then having a couple of nervous breakdowns and finally divorcing my husband of over ten years. What happened next was a visit to the twilight zone. I met an interesting man at a party who seemed to offer hope and even a plan to help make my life better. He and I connected very quickly on a level that was very mysterious and "otherworldly". He and his wife did a kind of spiritual, New Age teaching and journeying via visualization type stuff. I jumped on board with them and got into it deep. I was taken for a wild ride, I was under their wings. My life seemed to be getting better (not that it was bad). I turned to them for everything, I seemed to dissapear, my will was taken over. Friends thought I'd joined a cult! It took meeting a marvelous, handsome man to guide me back out of the muck I was in. And here' s the rub, I didn't know I was in muck. I was going along just fine, or so I thought. This new man in my life helped widen the lens I was seeing the world with and sprung me from the clutches of these teachers. (Sometimes I feel like I would really like to detail stuff as to warn other folks away from them, and then I get worried that it might not be in my best interest.)

The good news is that this wonderful, handsome man and I fell deeply in love and we have been going strong ever since! The bad news is that I had to be on a medication that pretty much zapped all of my creativity. I did not do mail art, or any art for two years! This medication dulled my senses and made me a very boring gal with no drive or energy. It also made me FAT! Thankfully I am off that now and trying to get back into the swing of life.


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