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Updated 04/22/11

Easter's Origin- Ostara


From howling coyotes to waving bears...

New address and home for the Dragonfly and Badger

766 Meadowbrook Road, Brattleboro,VT 05301


Farewell to Peter Whitson Warren....may he rest in peace, or party on happily!


Opening a new online gallery called No Reservations!!

It will be featuring my art and artistan Badger, a Chippewa Indian who does amazing leatherwork. Stay tuned as I update when I can. Target opening date of the new gallery will be August 22nd, 2009.


This is a Flickr badge showing photos in a set called Mail Art. Make your own badge here.
As you can see from the above, I've become addicted to FlickR! 

Did you notice the front page? Those lovely little versions of me are by Tim Mancusi and buZ blurr.

View mail art calls
Post a mail art call

A new spot to post, check it out! The old spot didn't archive entries so many are long gone....sorry:(


WHAT IS MAIL ART? Some mailartists answers

Ray Johnson Article from the Ohio Dispatch The Art Is in the Mail(ing)

Going Postal By Chris Dodge

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