Dragonfly / Connection - Illusion - Transformation

Dragonfly teaches us to apply the art of illusion to our own questions and situations - to remember things are never completely as they seem. It teaches us to look at the illusionary facade we accept as reality. The shifting movement, energy, form, and color of its iridescent wings open vague memories - reminding us of alternative perspectives. Dragonfly is the essence of change, the messages of enlightenment and wisdom. It also brings communication from the elemental world, nature spirits. Dragonfly asks us to look at the habits we need to change, guides us through the mists of illusion - is the gatekeeper to the pathway of transformation.

Some legends say that dragonfly was once dragon, that coyote tricked it into changing form. In accepting a challenge to prove its magical prowess and powers, they were lost and dragonfly was trapped within its new shape. Have you been trying to prove your power to yourself or someone else? Have you become trapped in someone else's illusion of happiness? Dragonfly medicine brings you to the gate of transformation, to a place within where magic is still alive - within, where all transformations take shape ....


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