Fairy Poetry and Writings



Behold the chariot of the Fairy Queen!

Saw but the fairy pageant,

The Fairy's frame was slight--yon fibrous cloud,

As that which, bursting from the Fairy's form,

The Fairy Queen descended,


'I am the Fairy MAB: to me 'tis given

The Fairy and the Soul proceeded;

Within the Fairy's fane.

The Fairy and the Spirit


Percy Blythe Shelley



Do you seek the road to Fairyland.....

I'll tell; it's easy, quite.

Wait till a yellow moon gets up

O'er purple seas by night,

And gilds a shining pathway

That is sparkling diamond bright

Then, if no evil power be nigh

To thwart you, out of spite,

And if you know the very words

To cast a spell of might,

You get upon a thistledown,

And, if the breeze is right,

You sail away to Fairyland

Along this track of light.



Ernest Thompson Seton



Come away, O human child!


To the waters and the wild


With a faery, hand in hand,


For the world's more full of weeping than you understand.





Mist-clad in the light of the moon

Starspun seekers - I search for thee!

Faery light - I ask thy boon

Of branch and thorn and Elder tree!

Wood woven creatures, shadow weavers

River keepers - come to me!

Just beyond reaching

Never in keeping

Spirits of Faery - I call unto thee!

Wind-hewn wildness

Dark and brightness

Spiral enchantments - born of the sky!

Cradle me with elven hands,

Abide with me, thy human child!

-W.B Yeats



Come faeries, take me out of this dull world,

for I would ride with you upon the wind

and dance upon the mountains like a flame






When the first baby laughed for the first time,


the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about,


and that was the beginning of fairies.


Sir James M. Barrie




Do you believe in fairies?. . .


If you believe, clap your hands!


Sir James M. Barrie




Child of the pure unclouded brow


And dreaming eyes of wonder,


Though time be fleet, and I and thou


Are half a life asunder,


Thy loving smile will surely hail


The love-gift of a fairy-tale.


Lewis Carroll



I met a lady in the meads


Full beautiful, a faery's child;


Her hair was long, her foot was light,


And her eyes were wild.


John Keats




O then, I see Queenn Mab hath been with you. . .


She is the fairie's midwife; and she comes,


In shape no bigger than an agate-stone


On the forefinger of an alderman,


Drawn with a team of little atomies,


Athwart men's noses as they lie asleep.


William Shakespeare



I do wander everywhere,

Swifter than the moone's sphere;

And I serve the fairy queen,

To dew her orbs upon the green.


William Shakespeare




True Thomas took off his hat,


And bowed him low down till his knee:


'All hail, thou mighty Queen of Heaven!


For you peer on earth I never did see.'



'O no, O no, True Thomas,' she says,


That name does not belong to me;


I am but the queen of fair Elfland,


And I'm come here for to visit thee.



She turned about her milk-white steed,


And took True Thomas up behind,


And aye wheneer her bridle rang,


The steed flew swifter in the wind.



O they rade on, and further on,


Until they came to a garden green:


'Light down, light down, ye ladie free,


Some of that fruit let me pull to thee.'



When he had eaten and drunk his fill,


'Lay down your head upon my knee,'


The lady sayd, 'ere we climb yon hill,


And I will show you fairlies three.


He has gotten a coat of the even cloth,


And a pair of shoes of velvet green,


And till seven years were past and gone


True Thomas on earth was never seen.


Francis James Child


Mor of Cloyne


Little Sister, whom the Fay

Hides away within his doon,

Deep below yon seeding fern,

Oh, list and learn my magic tune.


Long ago, when snared like thee

By the shee, my harp and I

O'er them wove the slumber spell,

Warbling well its lullaby.


Till with dreamy smiles they sank,

Rank on rank, before the strain;

And I rose from out the rath,

And found my path to earth again.


Little Sister, to my woe

Hid below among the Shee,

List and learn the magic tune,

That it full soon may succour thee.


Alfred Perceval Graves



Lament of the Last Leprechaun


For the red shoon of the Shee,

For the falling o' the leaf,

For the wind among the reeds,

My grief.


For the sorrow of the sea,

For the song's unquickened seeds,

For the sleeping of the Shee,

My grief.


For dishonoured whitethorn-tree,

For the runes that no man reads

Where the grey stones face the sea,

My grief.


Lissakeole, that used to be

Filled with music night and noon,

For their ancient revelry,

My grief.


For the empty fairy shoon,

Hollow rath and yellow leaf,

Hands unkissed to sun or moon,

My grief -- my grief!


Nora Hopper



The Fairy Lover


It is by yonder thorn that I saw the fairy host

(O low night wind, O wind of the west!)

My love rode by, there was gold upon his brow,

And since that day I can neither eat nor rest.


I dare not pray lest I should forget his face

(O black north wind blowing cold beneath the sky!)

His face and his eyes shine between me and the sun:

If I may not be with him I would rather die.


They tell me I am cursed and I will lose my soul,

(O red wind shrieking o're the thorn-grown dun!)

But he is my love and I go to him to-night,

Who rides when the thorn glistens white beneath the moon.


He will call my name and lift me to his breast,

(Blow soft O wind 'neath the stars of the south!)

I care not for heaven and I fear not hell

If I have but the kisses of his proud red mouth.


Moireen Fox



I'd Love To Be A Fairy's Child


Children born of fairy stock

Never need for shirt or frock,

Never want for food or fire,

Always get their hearts desire:

Jingle pockets full of gold,

Marry when they're seven years old.

Every fairy child may keep

Two ponies and ten sheep;

All have houses, each his own,

Built of brick or granite stone;

They live on cherries, they run wild--

I'd love to be a Fairy's child.


Robert Graves



The Rainbow Faeries


Two little clouds, one summer's day,

Went flying through the sky;

They went so fast they bumped their heads,

And both began to cry.


Old Father Sun looked out and said:

'Oh, never mind, my dears,

I'll send my little fairy folk

To dry your falling tears.'


One fairy came in violet,

And one wore indigo;

In blue, green, yellow, orange, red,

They made a pretty row.


They wiped the cloud-tears all away,

And then from out the sky,

Upon a line the sunbeams made,

They hung their gowns to dry.



Lady of The Night


There fairies play dancing away,

Under the moonlight

Deep down in yonder wild grove.


Fires burning bright,

Song fills the night

Lady is watching,

Deep down in yonder wiild grove.


Hearing the gentry tune, you will be with them soon,

Dancing there under the moonlight.

Seeing what fairies do, its hypnotizing you.

Soon you'll be one with the night!


Full moon above white like a dove,

Brightly she is shining.

Deep down in yonder wild grove.


Now hear them well, ringing their bells,

Under the moonlight

Deep down in yonder wild grove.


You'll feel no woe or strife,

Music is breath and life.

Dancing there under teh moonlight.

Call of the Lady fair will surely take you there,

Now you are one with the night.


Sweet maidens play, softly they say,

Come will you join us?

Deep down in yonder wild grove.


Hearing their voice and with little choice,

Gladly you follow!

Deep down in yonder wild grove.


Losing yourself in their wonderfully charming air,

Dancing there under the moonlight.

Forever, there you"ll stay, watching the fairies play,

There's no escaping the night.


Bryan Irvin



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