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Monotype is a painting/printmaking technique that produces a one-of-a-kind piece. To make a monotype,one generally paints an image on a plexiglass plate. The plate and a moistened sheet of printmaking paper are then run through a press. One can re-ink the plate and "drop" on the orignal to change or develop
the image. I often run the plate through again to create a "ghost" of the image to then drop on again after painting the plate once again. One can also work directly on directly on the image with oil paint, gouache or pastel. I tend to work with many different medias and end up with a collage . An Italian printmaker in the 17th century made the first monotypes.
Degas made over 300 monotypes in the latter part of the 19th century.

Here are some examples of my monotypes. All images protected by the artist Alice Kitselman 1996.
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W 6" x H 6"


W 6" x H 6"

This is a favorite,done on handmade paper.


W 11" X H 11"


W 15" X H 13 1/2"

This was my first attempt at a sunset,not bad eh?

Zuni Rothko

W 17" X H 22"


w 21"xH 17"

This piece is one of my favorites. Done with rice paper leaves.



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