We are gathering positive, hopeful comments and stories, for those who have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

Back in 2001 I started Dragonfly's Delights whose mission was to provide free gift baskets to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer. One of our others golas was to create a book of these Messages Of Hope. Since being diagnosed in August of 2007 with metastatic breast cancer, I have renewed this dream and am once again gathering these quotes. If you would like to contribute to the project please click the link below and make sure to give us permission to publish. Thanks so much, Alice Kitselman-Rivera.

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Send a Messages of Hope & Messages of Cope For Metastatic Cancer to :
messages [ at ] dragonflysdelights.org

"Quiter's never win" and "Winners never quit. Always remember that  there is a winner in you!"  ~ Gayle Burgoyne

"give up it is not an option to me" ~ anonymous

"Never give up" ~ Pam, from Texas

I kind of like this in the reverse....Especially going  through treatment.

I am surviving.  2.  I can survive.  3.  I will survive !!

 It is kind of like that coming out of the woods thing I mentioned to someone a few days ago....Or even reversing
                         1&2.... ~ Georgia Mannino

Alice, I think
this was on the back of the race survivor shirts but not sure which year..
I can survive
I will survive
I am surviving
A survivor...
                         lives.  ~ Doris B. Fandal


  Breast cancer is one of those things we fear finding.  What we should really fear is NOT finding it.  And should you find yourself at the receiving end of a breast cancer diagonsis, remember there is life during and after breast cancer:  Believe it, live it, expect it.  Hair grows back and
incisions heal, and quite often we learn something about ourselves we might
never otherwise have learned.  ~ Linda Dusang


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