Mail Art Alphabet

(with acknowledgements to John Held, jr who had the great idea!)

A is for Anna Banana, mail art Queen, performance artist and artistamp producer. A is for Aardvark who sends mail art every week and special X-Men hats to cover my bald head as well as his own versions of me with instructions to cover my head and return to me! And A is for Arto Posto who helped me get reconnected.

B is for buZ burr whom I first encountered through trading artistamps and then was honored to meet and even be immortalized by a portrait of myself a la buZ style. And B is for Boog, Julie Hagan Bloch and Boscographix who delight my mail box more often than not.

C is for Les Cammer who seems to send me something every day. And for Lady C who married her mail art love. Lady C's passion is sewing and she made me a hat for my bald head out of shoulder pads!

D is for Dragonfly Dream but of course. D is for Marilyn Dammann who delights in nature and photography.

E is for ex posto facto and her Fluxus Bucks, and for EverArts who does mail art from The Netherlands. And P is for Peggy Eigler who used to own a rubberstamp shop and calls herself a correspondant artist and stamp slut.

F is fagagaga who sent out pleas for anonymous mail art for me. And F for Ficus who also just made me a hat of of wild fake flowers.

G is for Ed Giecek and his beautiful watercolors and his Egg Headzzzzz.

H is for Doug Higgins who I am grateful for relieving one postcard before he passed away into the Eternal Network. H is also for John Held,jr whom I get to call frined. E is also for EF Higgins artistamp maker extrordinaire who I met in New York City years ago. And not to forget H is Honoria famous for her Cyber Opera.

I is for the internet which has caught my attention and re introduced me to mail art thanks to AOL's mailart bulletin boards. Thankfully I grew out of AOL and into the real internet.

J is for Ray Johnson the father of mail art and for Ruud Janssen and all is work with the mail art interviews.

K is for Kiyotei and Jean Kusina who just sent me a light bulb with my face/head on it, and for Kenneth Karsten who in his 80's is still going strong in mail art.

L is for Pierpaolo Limongelli who as been carving faces and sending smiles for years. And L is for Turk Leclair and his zany paintings and Radio Free Dada.

M is for Tim Mancusi who needed my help for email and then graced me with a carving of my face. And M is for Merlin who has a wonderful mail art bulletin board. And M is for Music Master and his fun cartoons. M is also for my mailbox which is most definitely a museum as is often said in Mail Art.

N is for Keiichi Nakamura who delights me with his visual poetry.

O is for Obvious Front who challenges the post office with odd plastic mail art. And O is for Olivia Niemeyer who tickles me with feathers from Brazil.

P is for Clemente Padin who sings to my heart in email and sends mail art from oh so far away. P is also for Pistol Pete, and Eillen Patterson and Predrag Popovic.

Q is for Quarrels which John Held, jr says happens in mail art and as I have had my share of them as well. I've pissed many a folk off as I have my own ideas about mail art and sometimes they just don't always jive with folks.

R is for Rudi Rubberoid who recycles and collages postcards and writes great letters in small spaces. R is also for rubber stamps of which I have hundreds upon hundreds, maybe even a thousand or so.

S is for Shmuel who cuts paper stencils and send first day covers. S is for Scientist Sam , Fabio Sassi and Saunlin. S is for "Senders Receive".

T is for tartarugo and his love of turtles over in Spain. T is for Lothar Trott and his artistamp collages.

U is for Umbrella a mail art zine by Judith Hoffburg and Ulla Rohr over in Switzerland.

V is for Bart Verberg and his crisp black and white collages that come from The Netherlands.

W is for Chuck Welch otherwise known as Cracker Jack Kid and his landmark book The Eternal Network which inspired me vastly.

X is for Jokie X. Wilson and his pink postcards.

Y is for Gerardo Yepiz and his wonderful spray painted stencil mail art.

Z is for Zena Zero and her fabulous little artist books and artistamps.

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