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On Tuesday, 2/12 John Bennett and his wife Lady "C" came up with some friends to chat with us and have a bite to eat. Very fun gathering of mail artists, poets, friends and family.

Back in 1996 in New York City I went to a mail art show put on my Mark Bloch and met a bunch of mail arts. But for some stupid reason I did not have a camera. I recall that was my first hello to Joel The Sticker Dude, and Turk Le Clair. I also met E.F. Higgins. My memory is a little shaky from that time but it was a great event.


John Held,jr. and me quite a few years back.....


Anna Banana, DFD and buZ blurr in 2002, for more shots of this fun weekend click the photo above.


DFD and buZ blurr sometime in 2001 during cancer treatments


Dragonfly Dream and The Sticker Dude taken just after my cancer treatments in 2001

Aardvark and DFD in Dallas,TX

A mail art meeting in Dallas,TX, 6/03 Click the picture for more shots of that fun day.

Honoria, DFD, Aardvark, ex facto posto, Sticker Dude and buZ blurr

DFD and Pistol Pete in NYC, 2007

And wouldn't you know I had another mail art meeting just the other day with Eddie Nero but also did not have a camera!!!

Come on, won't you please,

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