...have you ever wanted to play post office and cancel your own mail? Well you can by getting your own Your Own Mailer's Postmark.


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Founded 1979 Incorporated 1999

The Affordable, Fun Alternative!

Join in the fun......cancle your own!


It's easy to join the MAILER'S POSTMARK PERMIT CLUB, simply write the club and send with proper payment to:

Mailer's Postmark Permit Club

Peter A. Bookman
12551 E Horsehead Road
Tucson, AZ 85749

The bimonthly bulletin called Permit Patter is mailed to members of the club.

Regular USA -Canada/Mexico -Associate

Jan/Feb/Mar -$7.00 -$9.00 -$3.00

Apr/May/Jun -5.25 -6.75 -2.25

Jul/Aug/Sep -3.50 -4.50 -1.50

Oct/Nov/Dec -8.75* -11.25* -3.75*

*Pays dues to Dec 31 of next year

Sample Bulletin Permit Patter $1.50 postpaid

Make checks/money orders payable in US funds to MPPC

mail to:

Peter A. Bookman, Secretary

My story , the process and saga of obtaining my permit.

Joseph Lo Preiato story "Don't know and won't admit it."


Section PO23.3.1 of the Domestic Mail Manual gives the rules for securing a

mailer's postmark permit, which is free:

"A mailer must request authorization to preprint rate markings on precanceled stamps or to use a precancel postmark on adhesive stamps, postal cards, and stamped envelopes. The applicant must submit a specimen mailpiece showing the preprinting method or the proposed precancel postmark. If more than one format is used, a specimen showing each must be submitted. Form 3615 must be endorsed 'Preprinting of Rate Markings,' or "Mailer's Precancel Postmark,' or both, as appropriate."

Because this is unfamiliar to many postal clerks and postmasters, you may have to refer them to the appropriate section of the DMM, cited here, to obtain the proper application form. However, one way to facilitate the process, and to find merchants who will manufacture postmark handstamps in the correct format, or to join the organization of collectors who specialize in this field.

A pdf version of the form 3615 can be downloaded form this link http://new.usps.com/pdf/ps3615.pdf

For more information about mailer's postmarks contact Joseph Lo Preiato at EnotriaLP@aol.com


This is the "Unofficial" web site for the Mailer's Postmark Club. Created by Alice Kitselman, MPP#1, Santa Fe, NM , Dragonfly Dream Local Post

If you have stories to share or pictures of your MPP please drop me a line at

mizwingz at dragonflydream.com

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Created 8/17/00


The Official MPP Site

Local Post Collectors Society

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