The original creator and leader of the Realm of the Fairies at The Site Fights

It all started back in 1996. I bought my first computer. What would I do with that I thought? I ended up getting a top of the line (at that time) grey magic box that sucked me in instantly! Immediately I was hooked, on AOL, armed with Photoshop, a scanner, and Kaboom. I enjoyed playing in chat rooms playing sounds back and forth to people and getting email. But I quickly grew out of that and into designing my first web page on mail art.

I believe I stumbled across The Site Fights back in November 96 and was asked to compete. I received a welcome letter from DMan and I was off and running. Begging for votes and updating constantly. To my amazement I got though a few battles and to the Dome where I was a champion!

I survived being a champ and then lost....sigh...but I was still hooked. DSpirit needed some help and I volunteered. Slowly the role of DFairy was developed and DMan even gave me my own email address at The Site Fights! Soon after that he provided me with my own web space! Now I was rolling and feeling really excited. I made up my own role and got to every site that was fighting and dusted them with fairy dust and wished them good luck. Now as I look back, I can't remember how many teams we even had, was it 3???? It was certainly not as many as we have today. We have grown tremendously since the first fairy dust started flying. My life has been enriched, enhanced, and filled with pleasure beyond measure through my association with The Site Fights. It has been my privilege to meet the most wonderful people on the web, many who have since Spirit Fairies for The Site Fights.

But alas, all good things come to an end and I retired my role as DFairy in September of 1998. I handed over the role of DFairy to a wonderful woman who has named herself DFairy Star and she has done an amazing job reshaping and tending DRealm. It is a beautiful place now and filled with wonderful, dedicated folks who call themselves Spirit Fairies of The Site Fights.

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