Brushes with fame a four am ramble sometime around March 17th~2003 0r 4????

I was at a cool conference in Philly about The Young Survival Collation which is dedicated to young women who have suffered through breast cancer. Check out this web page. I hope to be opening a branch of this organization here in Santa Fe soon. As if I had nothing else to do besides have an art show 3/22, run my non profit, do my taxes, clean up the house, get the broken things fixed around my house, design an addition for my studio, etc, etc , etc.

Been really jazzed about my foundation, in fact that why I can't sleep tonight, I am just wired. Good things are happening in my life and I wouldn't be surprised if Oprah called me up for a spotlight feature on her show. Seriously! I am losing weight, dyed my hair red, am cleaning out old stuff and learning how to ask people for money point blank. And guess what, it's all very exciting and challenging. The wish list for the foundation is HUGE, and I must remember that as I try and tackle it all by myself. One of the items on my wish list is a helper. I need a personal assistant. Ever watch that old tv show Fantasy Island? I need Tatu. Giggles, I think I am obsessed with this new dream as almost everything jazzes me and is added to my wish list. For example, we will need a delivery vehicle for delivering the gift baskets to the hospital and other distribution points and so I'm wishing for a PT Cruiser that we can get the Espanola kids to trick out as a low rider and the paint it up with dragonflies as a school art project to benefit the Foundation. Oh, did I tell you about this? I know I did but it seems as if my mind is a sieve since chemo. Dragonfly's Delights a non- profit dedicated to the creation and distribution of free gift baskets for the newly diagnosed with breast cancer

And so as with my life these days I am always talking to folks about what I want and what we need and the ball just keeps on rolling and picking up speed. I never thought of myself as a fundraiser, let alone a writer or a public speaker but I'm here now. Remember the old days when I was quiet, shy and always bored? Well those days are gone forever, I'm going to famous. I can't help hearing the words to an old song that goes something like this....gonna get my picture on the cover of Rolling Stone. Heck, see that, another good analogy, rolling stones, that make a good name for a rock band huh? Oh you say there already is one well heck I knew that. Oh and that reminds me about my case of identify theft. I trademarked my business name Dragonfly Dream, years ago and yet folks keep on stealing/borrowing it. I am in battle with several folks on this issue right now. What's the big problem you say? Can't there be room enough in the world for two Dragonfly Dream's? NOT!!!! Imagine how Cola Cola would feel if I went out there and started up a soda company called Coca Cola's? They would be all over my ass in a heartbeat.

Oh and speaking of heartbeats that reminds me of another song. "the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out....." One of my best moments in life was way back when I owned and ran my shop called Spirit's Rising in Oak Bluffs, Mass. One day while folks were shopping before dinner a little girl became very unhappy for what ever reason it was that ailed her and she broke into a crying fit, a wee bit of a temper tantrum and her mother was having no luck at all quieting her. And then suddenly from the corner of my eye I spotted a tall and lovely women turn around and come over to the little child. She asked the mother if she could help and the next thing I knew was she was singing the itsy bitsy spider song and I think she even picked up the little girl in her arms and comforted her with her voice. She was like a nightengail in the mist, a beacon of hope on the harbor, my mother singing to me, my mother who sang to me in her womb, my mother who abandoned me because I was a love child. And I cried with the same passion of abandonment and anger that the woman with the lovely voice was singing to this child. Now over 15 years have passed and I always smile when I hear that song. I feel as if a Guardian Angel of sorts touched me on the shoulder that day, and that angel was Carly Simon. Carly if you are out there reading this someday please know that you truly touched my heart. And as we all know how small the world is I had the opportunity to be in your house one day as my friend Barney Zietz was showing me some stained glass he did for you. I felt so comfortable in your home as we had the very same tastes back then, it was kinda haunting. Perhaps we were sisters in another lifetime....

Oh my, I certainly got off track didn't I. I never thought I would be a writer or a singer or the head of my own powerful business and founder of a foundation either. Oh my that sounds bad, but here I am a mover and a shaker like I never thought I would be. I think I'll add Carly Simon and The Manhattan Transfer to my wish list. Wouldn't it be great if I could entice them to join my team and do a free concert as a donation to the foundation. Yeah right I can hear you say, but shoot, stranger things have happened. Did I ever tell you that Annajean Brown coached one of the guys in Manhattan Transfer? Yep, she was one of his voice teachers. And now here I am wanting to learn how to sing. Here I am remembering old times and old friends. I miss Annajean, she is locked in her past too now I think. I miss Jan Cable too, and speaking of two, these two lovely ladies were also my heroes. I called them my second moms.

Have I ever mentioned my love for vintage aircraft particularly the planes of World War 2. Well I bet you didn't know that a beautiful woman taught me how to fly and airplane. She was one of my heroes in life too. Caroline Cullen passed away many years ago but she lives deep in my heart. I recently saw her name in a museum honoring the women pilots of WW2. So why am I talking about airplanes? I guess I want one! Now wouldn't that be a nice dream come true, my own corporate jet. Might as well add in a pilot too! Bingo. On now there goes my mind again wandering and singing old show tunes again. And speaking of show tunes another hero that comes to mind is Terry Crane. You know it was just the other day we spoke and cried and I told him how I loved him so. I got off the phone and declared him as a father figure. Heck mine died when I was so young Terry really is like a dad to me now. And speaking of fathers I'd sure like to find out who my biological father is someday. I'd really like to know where I came from as I don't really know where I am heading these days, but it certainly looks like I'm headed in the right direction don't you think? I feel as if whatever path I am on is the right one and no matter where the road leads me I will face each fork in the road as an opportunity rather than a problem. Geeze ending up with breast cancer certainly has turned my life around don't you think?

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