Bald Is Beautiful!

Finally after many years I am getting the mail art documentation together for this project! It will be an online doc mostly due to the fact I imagine many addresses have changed. Stay tuned!

While I was undergoing cancer and chemotheraphy I was bald.....many folks from around the world responded to my request of decorating my bald head.

I recieved hundreds of fun versions of my head and in March 2002 I had a show at Guadalupe Fine Art here in Santa Fe. Eventually it would be great if somewhere like a cancer care facility or maybe even a national foundation might get interested and be able to show these works. I am also musing about this art perhaps making some money in an auction to raise funds for breast cancer research. Stay tuned.

Zena Zero, Postal Orphan

R.F. Cote, Sol Nte

Pierpaolo Limogelli, Predrag Popovic

Pete Boyle, Mick Boyle


Fatima, Ed Giecek

Barry Smylie

Rolf Soesman


Bald is Beautiful Part Two

Bald Is Beautiful Part Three

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