The Bald Is Beautiful "Quilt"


Back in 2001 while I was going through treatment for breast cancer I put out a call through the mail art network for folks to decorate a post card of my bald head. I received tons of neat creations some of which are shown above. I had every intention to scan and add each card to the website. But treatments took their toll on me and sadly I evenutally just gave up.

I have to admit, it got really overwhelming to try and keep up with all the scanning and updating of this page. I am sorry but I just couldn't keep up.... I eventually put together a "quilt" of a bunch of the cards and it was in a show at a local gallery. Thank you so very much to all who responded, it truly helped keep my spirits up while facing this disease. I also "owe" a documentation on this project. Again, this is something I failed at... I will get this completed, never fear! But stay tuned, it's coming soon!

In the meantime did you see the other pages of bald heads?


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