Adoption, a word that often brings up memories of separation and despair in
people. But for some it is hope, joy and promise. For me it was always just
the way it was. I am an adoptee and I seemed to always know it. My mother
told me very early in my life and I never felt ashamed of it. I had a mother
and father who wanted me. Unfortunately my father died when I was very young
but my mother and I have a very close close as any
mom's and daughters can be!

It was several years ago when I got the pang of wonder. Who did I really
come from? Where were my "real" parents? What might I look like when I got
older? What hidden things in my health did I need to know?

A friend gave me a contact telephone number and I started my journey of
searching. For me it didn't take very long as my mother had a name on my
birth certificate that gave my "searcher" a lead. Yes,"searcher" was his
name, this was a very undergoing adventure and when he found the information
I had to pay the contact. It was wild,scary and very exciting. Within a few
days the phone call came and I knew who my biological mother was and that I
had a half sister and two half brothers. All of a sudden the answers to many
questions could be answered. The sad thing was that my biological mother had
died in 1982 and I would never know her....
I soon called my biological mother's husband and the fun began.The telling
of who I was and the gradual learning of who they all were began in nervous
,excited tears and soon after the phone would ring daily with a new relative
welcoming me home so to speak. You see my biological mother was pregnant
with me at the same time her sister was pregnant and she had wanted to keep
me and make up a story that she had twins. You see my biological mother's
husband was away and she had an affair. But she had already made the plans
for my adoption and I was given away days after I was born to a very excited
family in New York City!

I could go on and on with my story but I'll shorten it to the reunion which
happened that summer and I met my sister, brothers, aunts and uncles and of
course my biological mother's husband who welcomed me like a new daughter. I
visited my biological mother's grave site and felt a very deep sadness...I
wish I had gotten a chance to know her. Thankfully I have a "new" family to
explore life with now!

So in closing, I encourage any adoptee who wonders about themselves and
their mom and dad to go for it! Take the chance and see what happens. Good
luck! And if you have a story you would like to share with me please sign my guestbook and tell me about it!

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